watch this…its good for you

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like i totally get that bobs burgers is meant to be sorta relatable to every family but….u dont understand….its literally my family except im louise and my lil sis is tina. and our cat is gene

gene is our cat

imagine bobs burgers but with a ukrainian family in suburban philly and you’ll get the full picture

mardybutts yesterday i told my family about that and my dad like didnt care at all and my mom did a classic linda laugh….we are too bobs burgers for our own good tbh

im taking my lil sis to nyc for the day tomorrow….watch out world here we come

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You’re not punk until you EAT A PAIR OF DOC MARTENS

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*wonders where our cat is* *remembers that i dont care because he scratched me yesterday*


In my opinion, Jews further the oppression of Jews by saying shit like “Jews have a moral obligation to speak out against Israel”.

Yes, it comes from our own ethic of Tikkun Olam, and self-criticism is a very admirable part of our culture. However, we don’t exist in a vacuum. Saying that Diaspora Jews have an obligation to speak out against Israel is no different than saying Muslims have an obligation to speak out against [insert terror organization/country here]. Both claims are equally fucked up, and contribute to a reprehensible belief in guilt-by-association. But it’s only the former that’s treated as acceptable in liberal circles.

It’s not “internalized antisemitism” or any bullshit like that; it’s embracing a fundamental part of Jewish culture without giving thought to — or perhaps not believing in — the broader context of global antisemtism. But it’s there, and I can’t abide people who ignore or dismiss it. Jew or Gentile.

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its awesome that dr*nge and blood red shoes have this whole friendship going on but i had no idea when i was into BRS… rip…and also eoin singing “wretch” pls lord give me the strength